Marcus Gosse
6 Walsh Avenue
Stephenville, NL
A2N 0A4
Phone: 709-643-7753


Dear Sir/Madam,

The goals of my artistic career are to show diversity through the Mi'kmaq Star and incorporate ancient Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs, Hieroglyphs, and double curve design patterns into my pieces to preserve Mi’kmaq culture.  My main objective is to blend, both, conventional and unconventional techniques together in a vibrant way. 

Whether my collections are traditional or contemporary, they all have the same purpose: to preserve Mi'kmaq culture for future generations.  My art focusses on cultural preservation so I can help people understand the meanings behind our symbols, designs, and carvings in stone.  Some of the themes prevalent in my art work are the acknowledgement of Mi’kmaq pride, respect, unity, joy, peace, honor, spirituality, and love.

Through my publications, artwork, art shows, commissions, visual arts teaching, and volunteer experience, I have gained valuable artistic insight and perspective. 

Thank - you (Wela'lin) for your time and patience.  


Marcus S. Gosse

Member of Qalipu Mi'kmaq Fir


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